Blocks are designed for each day to be repeated before moving onto the next block.

Blocks with 6 days repeat each day 4-5 times.

Blocks with 8 days repeat each day 3-4 times.

You don't need to do 6 days a week, this system works no matter how many days a week you work out.

Beginner programs are 45~60 minutes long and are great for overall health.

Intermediate programs are ~1h30min long and are for those who want to push themselves harder.

Advanced programs are about taking yourself to the limits and require you to know how to go to failure safely.

Extra programs like abs and flexibility can be added after any workout.

On SLOW ECCENTRIC FOCUS days, lower the weight (the eccentric portion of the lift) for a count of roughly 5 seconds. Focus on controlling the weight down.

Cardio is important for keeping your heart healthy. It's good to try to get 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, but anything is better than nothing!


Remember it doesn't need to be slaving away on a treadmill. You can join sports leagues, take hikes, go kayaking - you can have fun with your cardio.