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Apeel is a food coating made up a fat molecules. We have a long history of using fat to preserve foods, this is where the term larder comes from - a room where we covered meat in lard to preserve it. The reason fruit goes bad is exposure to oxygen and a layer of fat helps to slow the rate at which oxygen gets to the fruit. The claims of Apeel having a chemical warning were from people looking up a different product called Apeel which is a cleaning solution and has no relation to the apeel being used on fruit.

Phytic Acid

Phytic acid is where plant seeds store phosphorous for the purposes of germination. Phytic acid can bind to minerals like iron, calcium and zinc during digestion. This can make those minerals a little less absorbable during that meal (it does not leech them from inside the body). It can't bind infinitely and it's ability to bind is limited. Phytic acid is destroyed during the cooking process. The foods containing phytic acid also typically contain the minerals it binds to, so you essentially just get a little less of the minerals if you don't cook them.


Oxalates bind to calcium in the body. If you get sufficient calcium this isn't a problem. It's a bad idea to have a diet high in oxalates but low in calcium. If you're prone to kidney stones you may want to reduce oxalate consumption, as the calcium they bind to gets deposited in the kidneys as your body excretes them (the kidney stone will be made of calcium oxalate if this is the case).


Whenever you consume water it hydrates you. It doesn't need to be alkaline. It doesn't need to be a special shape. If you don't get enough sodium in your diet or are profusely sweating, sodium in the water can help as sodium is part of the system that stores water in your cells. But if you have sufficient sodium intake you don't need to add salt to your water.


Glyphosate (roundup) is one of the most common herbicides. The toxicity of glyphosate is rated lower than that of coffee, the problem stems from the amount of it you breath in when using it (not the amount of residue on your food). Glyphosate is being discontinued for residential use because people keep applying it without wearing PPE, thus exposing themselves to excessive amounts of it.

Seed Oils Are Machine Lubricants

Many things we use today were originally developed to be one thing and ended up better as something else. When people are creating things they don't always end up making the thing they want, or they make the thing they were trying to make and find out it works better as something else. That's the discovery process.

Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols (which are neither sugar nor alcohol) are a low calorie sweetener. They are low calorie because they are only partially digestable, so not all the calories in them are available to us. The only thing to watch out for with them is because they are partially digestable, part of it passes through the intestines and eating excessive amounts of it can cause bloat, gas and diarrhea.

Banned Food Dyes

We often hear about the 4 dyes used in food in the USA that are banned in the UK, but they never talk about how there's 16 food dyes used in the UK that are banned in the USA. Various countries ban ingredients for various reasons, and going off of who bans what is not a good measure of how safe something is.