Is it safe for children to train?

There is a belief that training as a child will stunt your growth, this is completely unfounded and untrue. There are no detrimental effects to lifting as a child. Lifting will help them grow muscle and keep them fit and strong and put them on the right track for a healthy life.

Another belief is that children are more susceptible to injury. This is only true in the event of bad lifting form. When lifting with good form there is no increased risk of injury. This just emphasizes the benefits of having a trainer teach a youth to lift correctly.

Why no meal plans?

Registered dietitians complete a four-year degree program and log hundreds of hours in a rigorous internship. They study physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, and many other areas of science as part of their coursework, and typically train in a special area, like pediatric or geriatric nutrition.

Earning their degree, and passing a licensure exam, qualifies RDs to offer medical nutritional therapy (MNT) — treating medical conditions (such as diabetes) through a tailored diet and close monitoring.

Personal trainers are only given basic nutritional education and are not qualified to give dietary advice as medical advice via their certification. Here are some examples of what a personal trainer can and cannot do:

  • You CANNOT “prescribe a diet” to “treat someone’s obesity”.

  • You CAN “share a few nutrition ideas” to “support their healthy lifestyle”.

  • You CANNOT “diagnose diabetes” and give a “manage blood sugar” diet.

  • You CAN “share a recipe” for a tasty, high-fiber, slow-digesting meal.

  • You CANNOT “recommend fish oil” for “treating arthritic knee pain”.

  • You CAN “share evidence” that “fish oil supports healthy movement”.

What is the Nutrition Guide?

A 100+ page document written by me going over everything you need to know about nutrition, including a complete guide explaining many common supplements and recipe section providing healthy fun to eat recipes with calories already calculated. Recipe section is still currently being added to. You will be given a link that auto-updates any time I update the guide.

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training uses cuffs on the limbs to occlude the veins, making it hard for blood to return to the heart and causing it to pool in the muscles. This type of training has multiple benefits; the body becomes more efficient at recycling metabolic waste, there’s a noticeable increase in your VO2Max, and an increase in pain tolerance.

Additionally as BFR training uses very light loads it is perfect for those recovering from injury, letting them fatigue the muscle without causing joint or bone stress.

Is One-on-One Training an hour per day?

No. I schedule two hour blocks per person, plus will answer any and all questions you have through-out the day. If for some reason you need longer than two hours, I may try to find a way to extend your block.

Additionally this block can be used for example on rest days to have me shop with you and show you healthy food options and go over your nutrition with you, it is not limited to just gym time.

Can I purchase a single hour of training?

No, I want to invest my time in my clients. If I have spare time for an hour session then I’m going to use it to go over their programming or answer questions for them. I can refer you to other trainers that do session based training.

Why provide Enhancement Plans if you don’t promote PED use?

I’ve researched PEDs as part of my studies, and like most things fitness related I’ve learned that the advice available out there is terrible. Many coaches are severely overdosing their clients and using the “more is better” mentality, which just leads to ramped up side effects and higher risk of serious complications.

People who decide to use PEDs are going to do them regardless of where they come from. I’d rather they come to me and be provided with a reasonable plan with their health in mind instead of sending them to someone else who is going to risk their health, usually for personal profit.

I am not here to sell you PEDs, and I will not push PED usage on you. I am providing a service for the open, confidential and judgment-free discussion of how they can affect you. All conversations regarding PEDs are kept in strict confidence.

What makes you qualified to give PED advice?

Firstly I make no claim that I am an endocrinologist, and in fact if you can hire a endocrinologist that is specialized in PED use I highly recommend you use them.

However that is a very expensive route and most people will not take it. They will instead rely on Reddit or on other coaches who likely got their information from Reddit.

Not only have I talked with endocrinologists regarding PEDs, I’ve extensively studied material by PED researchers such as William Llewellyn and Thomas O’Conner with the goal of understanding PEDs as best I can to support anyone who chooses to use them.

I can guarantee you that my plans will not be cookie-cutter Reddit plans, and that your health will be top priority.

If you have hair-loss advice, why are you bald?

Because in order to stop hair loss you need to reduce DHT, while on the flip-side facial hair is DHT based. To me, my beard is more important than my hair. While shorter beards may not notice any effect, longer beards will be harder to maintain while blocking DHT.

I’m under 18 and want to use PEDs.

You are 100% welcome to contact me for confidential discussion as to why this is a terrible idea, the health risks, what you should focus on for now, and what your future prospects will be; I want you to understand all the risks involved with such a decision and thus this is a safe zone for discussion. This conversation will be kept between you and me as long as it is for informational purposes only.

However, any attempt to solicit a steroid source from me or attempt to get me to buy you steroids will instantly result in my contacting your parents. You’ve been warned.

Will you sell me PEDs?

No. First of all that is illegal. While you can legally personally decide to own and use PEDs, the sale of them is restricted.

Let’s be clear. While I am here to provide helpful information and guide you to make the healthiest choices in your decisions, I am not here to sell you drugs.