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Rob Lapham

Complete Guide to Nutrition and Supplementation

Complete Guide to Nutrition and Supplementation

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Pay what you can afford pricing allows you to choose a price point that fits your financial situation!  Some people can't afford to pay the full price and that's okay, you can choose a lower price point to help you get into fitness.  Please choose the price appropriate to your finances and not just the lowest price because I still need to cover operating expenses.


Here Is The A-Z Guide That You Need For Anything Diet, Nutrition, Or Supplement Related.

  • Do you want a diet plan that actually gives you noticeable results?
  • Do you want to get out of the dark when it comes to using supplements?
  • Do you want an in-depth understanding of the best nutrients for your body?

Discover the secrets to effectively get the transformation you want through supplements, diets and overall nutritional awareness. Know exactly what to expect before starting any program or plan. 

Each year new, renamed, and variations of supplements, diets and nutritional plans flood the market. A lot of people are exposed to these through sleek marketing campaigns. You need the safest and most effective solution.

The Complete Guide to Nutrition and Supplements separates fact from fiction, provides quick answers to the most common questions, and delivers information you can trust.

It is 140 pages worth of proven research. We broke this down into simple and understandable information that you can easily consume and apply. 

It includes 35 high protein meal recipes with 0 “rice and chicken” recipes. These are not just meant to help you reach your health and fitness goals. They are delicious meals you can enjoy even after reaching your goals. 

Find out about:

  • Drugs that can deplete your body’s nutrients
  • Supplements that can interfere with drug absorption
  • Side effects of common drug-herb-vitamin combinations
  • Supplements that can help your prescriptions work better
  • Combinations that should never be taken together
  • High protein meals and how they affect your body

Why Use The Complete Guide to Nutrition And Supplementation?

The biggest problem I noticed is that most people make major shifts in lifestyle and eating habits without full understanding of the implications these have on their bodies.

After years of testing and continuous improvements, I drafted this playbook to empower those who are ready to lose weight, gain it, live healthier and so on without harming themselves.


  • Get that amazing form and shape everyone will notice
  • Don’t stop eating delicious food while you are dieting
  • Stop wasting money on testing every now solution
  • Guard your health by starting your transformation journey with the right information.

Order your Complete Guide to Nutrition And Supplementation now and transform your form and figure the smart, effective and safe way. 

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